Our entire design process is geared toward insuring that you are completely satisfied with your website.

We design your site in phases, you have the opportunity to approve each step in the process.

We will issue a prompt and courteous refund in the following circumstances:

If our client is not satisfied with the provided design services and design mockups before the completed work is approved by the client, and refuses to work with us on changes to the mockups in order to meet the client’s needs. In case we refund retainers for the design services, the site owner must agree to remove all work from their site that we did, which is not paid for.
If graphics design services are not satisfactory under the same circumstances as web design services.
You can not request a refund for completed design or coding services if it was approved before. We issue partial refunds for partially completed design or coding services.
Our refund policies aim to be fair and reasonable. We are always willing to accept responsibility for error on our part, and to make full remedy as far as possible. We also expect our clients to be fair and honest with us, and our policies have been written to protect us from being taken advantage of unfairly.

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