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We are UnikBrushes, the leading web design company in Bangalore.

The leading Web Design Company in Bangalore

Since 2016, UnikBrushes has been well known for its service, quality, and professionalism in Bangalore and the whole of India. We are highly forced on ‘Quality’ rather than ‘Quantity’. Our certified and skilled web designer will develop your business website and we will assure you to make it outstanding among your competitors. Our experts believe in guaranteed client satisfaction and professional service.

UniBrushes is counted as one of the top website design and development companies in Bangalore. Our expert design team is promised to provide you with high-quality custom design solutions from basic to different CMS, e-commerce development, and complex business websites.


Perks of Choosing us.

1. As we are serving for 7 years locally and internationally, we have helped 500+ brands to make their online presence strong with our standard web design service, UI design, and SEO strategy.

2. After the contract we will take your business responsibility and satisfaction is our guarantee.

3. Costume web development services will put buying impact in your visitors’ minds and increase your conversion rate.

4. We will prove you with a responsive and friendly website that will help you to hold your traffic.

5. Our SEO-friendly website design will undoubtedly outmatch your competitors rather than your local services.

6. Our web development and design team simultaneously works on implementing unique ideas for your websites and businesses.

7. Grow your online business with your website design and development and digital marketing service.

Incorporated Services In Our Website Design Category

Custom Website Design:
We are ready to customize your website structure according to your business needs and category.

E-commerce Website Design:
We design your eCommerce site with easy navigation considering your potential buyers.

Web App Development:
Keep aligned with your website we will help you to design and develop your eye-catchy and top-notch web application.

UI Design:
Our professional team design user-friendly and easy-to-browse user interface so that you can hold your buyer with comfort. Holding customers for a long in your site will make your site more trusted and authoritative to Google.


We provide Responsive Website Design for pre-made scripts.

We are the creative Web Design Company in Bangalore and we provide web designs for all the platforms/scripts on the internet, but to name a few, we have mentioned some notable platforms below.


Paid-to-click Scripts

We provide web design services for most of the notable PTC scripts, including the Aurora script, Evolution script, and custom scripts out there in the market. We are the best Web Design Company in Bangalore.


Get-paid-to Script

We provide web design services for most of the notable GPT scripts, including the Shiftcode GPT script, Evolution script, and any custom scripts out there.


Hyip Investment Scripts

We provide web design services for most of the notable Hyip scripts, including the OnlineTrader script, HyipLab script, and any custom scripts out there.

How we handle our projects.

We are making brands through our web design service in Bangalore. Now we are collaborating with international brands to make our company an international agency. We are inventing and applying new business strategies for new businesses. We are also looking for new startups and small businesses to spread it worldwide.



Business owners think that they need to invest a bundle of money to build a professional and responsive website. However, our service is cost-effective and results-driven.



Police and informative websites will help you to convert your traffic into customers which we are providing in Bangalore. Informative website influence your customers to leave their valuable information and purchase from you. Credibility is proven as a weapon for both users and Google.



As a leading and competitive Web Design Company in Bangalore, we will help you to make websites for pre-scripts or any other platforms on the internet. Before purchasing check out our previous client review of our service.



Your business website should represent your brand and authority. Our professional design team is very careful in providing you the top-notch responsive web design and web application.

Top reasons to choose UnikBrushes


Quick Delivery

We know that time is money. Therefore, we offer a fast turnaround time on all our projects without compromising on the quality of the designs.


Professional work

Your projects will be handled by our professional team to ensure you experience the best service with UnikBrushes.


24/7 support

Support is very important for a successful business. That’s why we support our customers quickly and easily to ensure their success.

Technologies & Frameworks we use for Responsive Website Design

As an experienced and authoritative web development company in Bangalore, our best and most eye-catchy design will help you to reach out to your targeted audience and customer at an affordable price. So, you can undoubtedly hire our expert designer to develop your brand website. Without further delay, contact us today. We are ready to make your business stand out in your competitive field. Looking forward to working on your business.

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